Active Pregnancy

Active Pregnancy - Class Information

Active Pregnancy can help increase your energy, relieve your aches, keep your muscles strong, prepare your body for birth and help you recover quicker.

  • Active pregnancy is a safe exercise class for new mums.
  • – Learn how to work pelvic floor the right way and strenghten your body for birth.
  • – Increase your energy with some light physical activities and improve your pelvic floor strength.
  • – Our class will help improve strength and mobility ready for when your little one comes and it’s a great way to meet other mums.

Aims of the pregnancy classes

  • Release Tight Areas
    Keep Muscles Strong
    Increase your Energy
  • Relax and Sleep Better
    Safely Move through each Trimester
    Connect with other New Mums

Benefits of prenatal exercise

There are so many benefits to you physically, mentally and emotionally from being physically active during your pregnancy:

  • Improve posture.
    Improve self-esteem, mood and self-confidence.
    Aid Sleep and relaxation.
    Helps to get back into your fitness after birth.
    Improve balance & co-ordination.
    Increase energy.
    Improve circulation and blood flow.
    Build and maintain core and pelvic floor strength.

Pregnancy Exercise Safety

Physical activity and exercise during pregnancy have so many benefits for you and your growing baby.

If your GP/Midwife is happy for you to increase your physical activity levels then we would love to guide you through your trimesters with safe movement.

There is a Prenatal Health Form to complete before attending any classes.

Pricing and Packages

Pay-as-you-Go Options

  • Taster Session £4
  • Regular Single Session £8

Block of 5 Sessions

Block of 5 sessions £36 (must be used within 7 weeks)

Where and When...

FRIDAYS at 6.40pm – 7.25pm


16 Walton Back Lane, Walton, Chesterfield. 

The best way to find the hall is using this link: Walton Hall Google Maps


What should I wear to the session? 

Comfortable clothing or fitness clothing with trainers.

What should I bring to the session? 

Drinking water to stay hydrated through the workout. We provide the equipment and mats for the workout but you are welcome to bring your own mat if you’d like to.