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At Move with Mumma, we provide a fun and friendly environment for mums to build mind and body confidence, bond and connect with their baby and connect with other mums.


From pregnancy to postnatal we have a programme that will suit your needs, instructed by experts in the field of antenatal and postnatal exercise. From pregnancy to help keep you active and be fit for birth, to the early postnatal stages restoring your body’s normal function and onto progressing your fitness.

Our sessions focus on strengthening your whole body for everyday life. We use weights, resistance bands and safe exercises to help your body recover the right way. We focus on core and pelvic floor work throughout the class to get you a stronger and flatter stomach. We will help correct posture issues and help with any postnatal issues such as diastasis or pelvic weakness.


Your body has been through a lot over the past year, it’s important to be patient. We can help you with nutrition and healthy eating to heal your body and lose fat the right way whilst feeling strong and happy.

Move with Mumma Classes

We have nutritional and healthy eating advice to help you heal your body and lose fat the right way whilst feeling strong and happy.

All exercises are safe for your postnatal body.

Nurture Fitness (0-6 Months) & Cherish Fitness (6-18 Months) 

  • Strengthen your body for everyday mum life. 
  • Work on your core and pelvic floor safely throughout the class for a stronger and flatter stomach.
  • Restore your body’s normal function and make you feel great inside and out. 
  • Build your body confidence and boost your energy levels.
  • We have options for all fitness levels and will always take into consideration any postnatal conditions.
  • If you've been attending Nurture Fitness we will progress your workouts further in Cherish Fitness.

Baby Bonding Time

In Nurture Fitness, the baby bonding part of the session is designed for babies 0-6 months, we will carry out baby massage routines to help you connect, understand and communicate with your baby. Baby massage is fantastic for bonding with baby.


In Cherish Fitness, the baby bonding part of the session is designed for babies 6-18 months, in our 'Learn, Stretch & Play' activities we combine baby massage, baby yoga and sensory play with fun songs and rhymes.


Buggy Fitness

Our outdoor Buggy Fitness sessions are a safe and effective way to get your body moving. Your postnatal healing  will always be considered in our workouts, we can help you lose body fat, feel stronger and get fitter with baby snug in their buggy. Pelvic floor & core work is included in the session. We have lots of fun and it's a fabulous way to meet other like-minded mums.

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Click here for more information on our baby massage sessions in Nurture Fitness.

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