Paprika Chicken Bake

All you need is one big oven dish for this delicious and nutritious dinner. Juicy chicken thighs, punchy chorizo and sweet roasted vegetables make this dish so tasty. Leftovers can be kept in the fridge too.

Download the recipe sheet below.


  • Boneless & Skinless Chicken Thighs (Pack 600g)
  • 1 White Onion
  • 1 Red Onion
  • 3 Medium Carrots
  • 2 Bell Peppers
  • 12 Cherry Tomatoes
  • Tin of Chickpeas
  • 1 Inch of Chorizo
  • 2 Tsp Garlic
  • 1 Tsp Paprika
  • 1 Tsp Oregano
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Salad Leaves


  • Preheat the oven to 180c fan/ gas mark 6.
  • Slice the onions, carrots, bell peppers and chorizo.
  • Rinse the tin of chickpeas.
  • In a large baking dish place in all the veg and the chickpeas.
  • Sprinkle over the garlic and season with salt & pepper.
  • Mix the paprika and oregano together in a small dish.
  • Slice into the chicken thighs and then rub the oregano and paprika mix into the thighs and season with salt & pepper.
  • Place the chicken thighs and chorizo on top of the veg.
  • Place in the oven for 45 minutes, take out halfway through to stir and pour the juices from the bottom over the chicken.
  • Share out the chicken and vegetables and serve with some crisp salad.

recipe sheet download

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