Take the Time to Breath

Stress and anxiety can often bring on shallow breaths, try this simple mindful technique to enhance your breathing. 


Set a gentle timer for 5 minutes.


Sit down comfortably, sit tall and relax your shoulders.


 Close your eyes and breath in through your nose into your chest, feel your chest gently rise and then exhale through your mouth and feel your chest gently fall. Take long slow breaths and repeat.


Be with each breath, if your mind wanders then simply come back to thinking about your breathing.


Repeat until the 5 minutes is up, then to finish,  stand up, take a deep breath in and reach for the sky, exhale and relax your arms back down.


Try this at different times of the day or anytime you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, stressed or anxious.


Breathing delivers oxygen to healing tissues, so this is really important when recovering from childbirth.

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