C-Section Massage

We have passed this massage onto our ladies that had a c-section birth and they have said that they felt the benefits straight away. Showing your tummy some love is probably something you haven't thought about, but your body has been through a lot and even if your outer scar has healed it can take 2 years for wounds to fully heal!


As we massage we pump the blood towards the area which takes oxygen and nutrients to the area, this is going to help your body heal. The video also shows massaging around your hips, this can be great for relieving the tightening feeling when moving around by releasing the muscles that are attached.


So once your superficial scar is healed, use a little bit of oil and give this a go to show your tummy some well deserved love.


This fabulous massage is from Burrell Fitness, we loved our training with them, they have taught us the right information to pass on to our postnatal clients.

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