Postnatal Incontinence/Accidents

You might find it embarrassing to talk about but having 'accidents' after childbirth is not normal or something that you have to live with! 


Signs of a weakened pelvic floor:

Leakage with coughing, sneezing, bending or laughing.

Going to the toilet more often.

Problems controlling wind or bowel contents.


Pelvic floor exercises are sometimes mentioned to mums during pregnancy or maybe whilst in the blur of just giving birth and often without much instruction or help. There's so much going on in life at this time so i'm not surprised at all that it's often forgotten about. 


Training your pelvic floor with Kegals is great as starter exercise but we can progress on from these to strengthen the pelvic floor further.


See the video below and have a go at LIFTING the pelvic floor with an out-breath to take your pelvic floor exercises a step further.


If you feel a dragging or aching around your vagina or anus this could be due to over tight pelvic floor muscles or a prolapse. Other signs of a prolapse can be lower back pain, being unable to hold in a tampon or a feeling of a lump or bulge into the vagina. Seek medical advice if you are worried about this.

pelvic floor lift

Try these lifts along with me in video and then add them into your daily routine. A great way is to try them whilst brushing your teeth or changing baby, laying in bed or sitting upright in a chair.


Aim for around 5 lifts with the breathing at least twice a day and over time as it becomes easier increase to 3 times a day and then add in more lifts.


Don't worry if you struggle to feel anything immediately, it may take a good few reps for your body and brain to connect on this.


To progress even further, check out our latest post to connect the pelvic floor LIFT with safe core exercises.


Thanks to Burrell Education for passing on this fantastic method in their training and Sue Croft's Pelvic Floor Recovery book is full of brilliant information about pelvic floor recovery. We use this pelvic lift method in our postnatal classes and the ladies really feel the difference so it's nice to share it with more ladies.


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