Women, Weights & Fat-Loss

I love introducing women to weights when they are on their fitness journey, whether the goal is fat-loss, looking leaner or running further.

At the start of my fitness journey I did lots of running and cardio classes because that’s what I enjoyed, but I ended up being unhappy with my shape. As soon I started using weights I was hooked, I loved feeling stronger in everday life and in my other fitness, and I loved how my body shape was changing.

That was back in 2014 and I’d say now that there are definately more women reaping the benefits of weights but in the past it was more likely that you’d see more men in the weight area in gyms.

Weight training is incredibly beneficial for everyone.

Today, we’ll specifically go over the benefits weight training offers for women who are looking to reduce body-fat.

More Effective Fat-Loss

Cardio is often the go-to exercise for fat loss, but weight training is much more beneficial. 

Weight training allows us to better preserve our muscle mass as we diet. This allows for a higher percentage of the total weight loss to be fat, which not only helps us achieve a leaner and more athletic look but also helps us reach our goals faster.

Improvements in Strength & Shape

Fat loss is exciting, and I understand how seeing the scale show smaller digits every week can feel rewarding. But, if the training aspect is dull and uninspiring, it can become incredibly challenging to stick with it over the long run.

Weight training provides a tangible feeling of progression on top of our already existing fat loss. It feels amazing to go heavier on exercises!

This makes the whole experience a lot more fulfilling as we get to see ourselves become slimmer while also becoming more physically capable. There’s nothing better than feeling like a strong woman, who can carry and lift heavy stuff without assistance.

I always encourage my clients to take photos to check on their progress, you can change your shape and reduce body-fat without the scales budging so it’s best to just get rid of them and avoid the dissapointment of not losing that 1lb!

It's Fun!

I stick to fun cardio classes that I enjoy for a mood boost but would never slog it out on a treadmill. Sure, it’s beneficial, and it can be fun at times. But, as a whole, there isn’t much you can tweak about it, and there is only so much you can get out of it before you start dreading each upcoming session.

Weight training, on the other hand, is fun and versatile. There are hundreds of exercises you can try, many techniques to learn, and dozens of ways to structure your training. What’s more, you can always find new ways to push yourself, and the room for improvement is immense.


At its core, fat loss comes down to creating and sustaining an energy deficit. In other words, we need to eat fewer calories than we burn. That way, we force the body to tap into its fat stores and get the remaining energy it requires to function correctly.

Our two ways of achieving a calorie deficit are to eat fewer calories and increase our level of physical activity.

And yes, weight training alone won’t be enough to help you shed fat. But, when put together with a calorie-restricted diet, you can achieve fantastic results and you will love your shape!

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