5 Stronger Core Moves

woman doing a pushup

These are 5 of my favourite moves for a stronger core.

I’ve included options for using knees and toes on the moves so that you can see how to progress and increase your strength.

Working your core hurts but it’s so important to help you feel strong for life!

These are not postnatal specific exercises, you can download a full guide to Postnatal Exercise Here >>>


Plank Shoulder Taps

Try and avoid rocking side to side and make sure you breathe throuighout the move. Build up this move with the kneeling option and try and few on your toes each time. Increase over time the amount you try on your toes.

Pushups - 1 Leg

Challenge your core by lifting one of your legs. Options included for this move on your knees and toes.

Make sure your chest is forward on this move.

Bear Crawls

This is tough but I show you a way to get used to this move before adding in the movement.

Side Planks

A killer move exercise that will strengthen your shoulders too. Love it! it’s not easy but start with the kneeling option. Make sure you do both sides 😉 

Renegade Row & Press

This is one of my favourite exercises to do! It feels so good to build up the strength and start moving your knees back and progress to the harder options. Killer move for core and arms!

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