Outdoor Bootcamp


Eastwood Park, Hasland.


Full body workout session for all fitness levels. No matter what your fitness level I will motivate, push and help you through the workout, I have options for everyone so don't worry if you are a beginner.


Outdoor Bootcamp is a challenging and fun workout designed to for improve fitness, burn fat and build strength. Motivating music will help you through the workout. It feels tough during the class but great afterwards.


For directions please see the map below. There is lots of free on-site parking at and surrounding the park.

What happens in Bootcamp?

Tie trainers ready for workout
Lets Do It!

Full Body Workout including: Squats, Lunges, Push-ups, Planks, High Knees, Burpees. We use weights as well as body-weight exercises and we work together and have fun! 


Intervals: We work hard for intervals and then recover before exercising again. This is great for fat-burning! 


Fun & Challenging: We work together in the group to have fun whilst working out. It's challenging, addictive and gives the results you want. 


Fat-Burning & Strength Building: We use exercises and intervals to build strength and lean muscles and burn fat. Get the shape you want!


Beginners or Advanced: It's OK if you've never done bootcamp before, we have options for everyone and the group is always a mix of different fitness levels, everyone works at their own level.


Please get in touch with Manda if you have any questions.

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Eastwood Park, Hasland - Directions