Learn how to bond with your baby using baby massage. Our baby massage techniques can help with colic, wind, and teething.

Newborns are reassured by skin contact and it helps to establish bonds between parent and baby. Baby massage can help baby sleep, relieve wind, colic and constipation as well as providing relaxation for you both.

Smiling, making eye contact, caring and being physically gentle all forge the path to positive interaction. Baby massage uses and develops all these qualities whilst helping baby feel secure and valued.


Benefits for you and your baby include:

  • – Help relieve wind, colic, constipation, teething and much more.
    – Help baby sleep better.
    – Create and develop the bond between you and your baby.
    – Provides relaxation for you both.
    – Stimulates and supports your baby’s physical, emotional and social development.
    – Great fun to learn and a brilliant way to spend special time with your baby.


What age can baby be massaged from?

A great time would be around 6-8 weeks after birth once baby has had their check-up with your medical professional.

What if baby cries or moves around during the massage?

Your baby may prefer to change position or enjoy a cuddle instead. Always take the lead from your baby in massage and respond to their needs.


What do I need for baby massage?

A favourite cuddly toy or comforter for your baby. A warm room so your baby is comfiratble in their nappy or naked (your choice). A comfortable towel or blanket for baby to lay on and some baby safe oil. We use 100% coconut oil in our classes.

Why are oils used during massage?

Oil lubricates baby’s skin and reduces friction. 

Before starting a massage…

Before trying any baby massage oil, dab a little on baby’s arm to see if it compatible with the skin. If any rash develops, wash off completely and avoid using that oil. If baby has eczema, it’s better to use medical emollient cream or ointment.

Baby Massage Videos

Baby Massage & Core Rebuild Course in Chesterfield

Work your core & pelvic floor safely, help c-section recovery, help diastasis, feel stronger, bond with your baby and meet other new mums.

For 6-weeks you will work alongside the same group of mums and their little ones. The workout will progress over 6-weeks to give you a strong, functional and connected core. 

Over the 6-weeks of the course, we will learn how to massage different areas of your baby’s body, including routines to help colic, wind, teething, soothing and connecting with your baby.

What's Included...

  • – Six weeks rebuilding your body safely and reconnecting to your core and pelvic floor with other like-minded mums.
  • – A six-week baby massage course.
  • – At-Home Baby Massage Guide & Oil.
  • – The chance to make mum friends for life with your course members.
  • – C-section and diastasis guidance and workouts.
  • – Health assessments & diastasis checks.
  • – Resistance Band for Classes and Home Workouts.
  • – Postnatal Healing & Fat-Loss Manual (includes over 60 recipes).
  • **BONUS** 6-Weeks Access to our Paid Membership Facebook Group (worth £60).