Baby Massage

Baby Massage Free Guide & Videos

before you start baby massage


  • Remove any jewellery.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Do a patch test on baby's skin with the oil you are using (we use 100% coconut oil).
  • Gain baby’s permission by rubbing the oil in your hands close to baby’s face and asking ‘are you ready for your massage baby?’
  • Use lots of oil to nourish baby’s skin.

Repeat each stroke about six times.

face strokes

tummy strokes

Join us for Baby Massage

Our Nurture Fitness class is postnatal exercise and baby massage in one session.

  • Build strength safely after childbirth
  • Join our fun and friendly community of women
  • Help soothe baby's teething and colic
  • Train pelvic floor to stop leaks with coughs and sneezes
  • Recover after c-section

You can book a FREE session from our booking system! 

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Baby Massage Guide
Your Free baby massage guide, spend time bonding and connecting with baby as well as soothing their colic, wind and teething.
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