3 Reasons I Use Calorie Counting For Me and My Clients

These are 3 of the reasons I use calorie counting for me and my clients. I’ve had amazing results from my clients Check Out Some Results Here.

1. All Foods Allowed

Our bodies need all the food groups and you can have success in fat-loss without cutting any out. Like carbs for example.

I can’t bear the thought of not eating carbs, why would you want to live without bread, potatoes or crumpets in your life? 

That life is not for me.

By tracking calories all foods can be included, it’s important to focus on healthy eating to fuel your workouts and keep you feeling good and you can do this whilst including tasty and comforting food and hitting your calories for your goal.


It’s Science, if you are in a calorie deficit you will lose body fat. If you have a low percentage of body-fat, you can aim for your maintenance calories and increase your weights to improve your body composition (less body fat, more muscle) for that lean athletic look.

Unlike diet plans, nothing is hidden from you and you don’t have to pay any subscriptions to be able to do this. It’s an uncomplicated basic way of staying on track and everyone can access it.

3. You Can Have a Social Life

I balance out my week with nourishing foods that my body needs to feel great but I include the things I love, like the occasional wine, chocolate and sweet treats. 

My snacks range from homemade cakes to protein shakes. 

This balance means I don’t crave the things I love and end up bingeing.

It means (when a social life is possible again) that you can have a social life and keep on track with your progress. If you are planning a big meal or drinks then you can manage your calories earlier in the week to account for the extra calories on that day.

Stop focussing on diets!

Stop going back to the same plan that “works for you”, because if you have restarted the same diet plan over and over it’s probably not working for you.

Try calorie counting and including foods you love and watch the results happen without feeling like you’re missing out.

You can work out your calories with my free calculator. Learn how below…

Calculate Your Calories

You may have tried doing this before in MyFitnessPal, I find that it never gives you enough calories! 

This can lead to you feeling really hungry and finding counting really hard to do, this is not the way it should be.

Have a go at using my calculator and then you can manually enter them into MyFitnessPal and track using the app.

I always tell my clients that you shouldn’t feel starving.

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