Evening Fitness Classes

Evening Fitness - Class Information

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Evening Fitness Classes for Women in Chesterfield. Stronger and Zumba Fitness. Have fun, feel great, and love your shape.

Our evening fitness classes are at various locations around Chesterfield. 

These classes are for women of any fitness level.

If you are postnatal we highly recommend you attend our specialised postnatal fitness classes before attending any regular fitness classes. It’s so important to reconnect to your core and pelvic floor before attending high intensity classes.

Our evening fitness class STRONGER is great for pregnant women who want to continue using weights through pregnancy. If you are new to exercise and looking for a class then check out our Active Pregnancy Class.

Classes & Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training is life changing and the best way to learn new life habits to make you feel stronger, healthier and more confident.


A strength class for any woman that wants to train with weights with some fun and motivating coaching on how to do it safely in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Using weights helps to strengthen your body and create great shape. 

Zumba Fitness & Stronger (Glutes & Core)

30-Minute Zumba Blast.

30-min Stronger (Glutes & Core)

Zumba fitness is a high-energy cardio class to upbeat and fun music. You don’t need to be a great dancer to feel welcome in a Zumba class.

In our Stronger (Glutes & Core) class, we activate and work our glutes and core for a strength and shape. 

You can attend Zumba only or stay for both sessions.