Fat-Loss & Diet Myths

These are the main fat-loss & diet myths that I get asked about as a personal trainer.

I’ve changed my own lifestyle and helped lots of other women learn about fat-loss for life too! I promise you can forget about these myths and enjoy life more from doing so. Fat-loss doesn’t have to be complicated. Forget about trying a ‘diet’ because if you think of yourself as dieting you are setting yourself up to fail.

The heath and fitness industry is a confusing and busy place so I hope to bring some clarity on it all with my blog.

6 Fat-Loss & Diet Myths

1. You can target certain areas

Sadly you cannot target certain areas with exercise to lose fat. 

The perfect example of this is that Crunches and Sit-Ups do not help you lose belly fat.

To lose body-fat you need to be control your calories and consistency is key! Everyone will lose their body-fat in their own way, our bodies are all so different. 

Building muscle in areas is of course possible to do and this can improve the appearance of that body part. 

I do exercises that I enjoy and include a mix of core, cardio and weights for all round fitness.

Strength training has the most benefits to your body and health.

I love the shape and strength that I get from using weights, core exercises help me feel strong and cardio boosts my mood. I stay on track with calorie counting and I keep my steps up with walking. If I’m going for a fat-loss goal it’s my calories and food choices that get looked at.

2. You need to detox or juice cleanse

Quick fixes do not work.

Of course by living on juice you will feel a difference in your body because you are massively restricting your intake! But this is going to be loss of water and muscle.

You’re likely to be low on energy and tired.

It’s also very likely that when you get back onto solid food that you put more weight on than you lost! 

Your body actually contains it’s own detox system, you might have heard of the organs that do this, your kidneys and liver!

Detox diets and juice cleansers are marketing myths, don’t waste your money on them. There is not any evidence or research to support juice cleanses.

Put your energy, money and time into making healthy eating and calorie tracking part of your life. If you want to feel good from more vitamins and nutrients then add in more fruit and veg.

3. You need to cut carbs

Cutting carbs is one way to reduce how much food you’re eating but you can definately get the results you want whilst enjoying carbs.

For me I like to balance out my food and calorie count to stay on track, I eat nutritious healthy foods and homecooked meals but these defo include carbs and also my diet includes foods that some people may refer to as ‘bad’. McDonalds is my favourite take out food, I love chocolate, especially on my hormonal weeks and I love crumpets for breakfast. 

I keep my life active with walks, I do exercise that I love and I track my food. 

Not including carbs may be some people but it’s not a life I want to live haha. 

4. You can sweat it out

You may think that you can sweat off the fat and you may notice the scales actually budge after a really sweaty cardio session or visit to the sauna but that will be because you’ve lost water weight, not body-fat. This will easily go back on.

5. You shouldn't eat past 7pm

Or 8pm, or whatever time you see as late! I sometimes don’t have my dinner until 9pm because of my work routine and as long as I’m within my calories it doesn’t make one bit of difference to my progress. Late night snacking which leads to going over your calories could obviously lead to weight gain. But eating within your required amount, at any time of the day is ok.

6. You should weigh yourself weekly or daily!

Even if I’m going for a goal or doing a challenge like my 6-week shred I only ever weigh myself every 3 weeks to check progress but in general I do not weigh myself at all, my scales do not come out unless I’m doing a challenge. I use the mirror, photos and tape measurements to see how it’s going and I give the same advice to my clients.

Your weight can fluctuate so much through the week and day-day, from having a big poo to holding water the week before your period. Don’t get yourself down by looking for that day-day progress. 

Consistency, a balanced diet within your calories and keeping active will pay off. The last thing you need to do is check if you’ve gained or lost a pound from yesterday.

You are more than just a number on a scale! My best advice would be to throw them away!

If you fancy having a go at tracking your calories to help you stay on track and get results whilst including foods you love, check out my blog here or go straight to the calculator below.

Calculate Your Calories Here

You may have tried doing this before in MyFitnessPal, I find that it never gives you enough calories! 

This can lead to you feeling really hungry and finding counting really hard to do, this is not the way it should be.

Have a go at using my calculator and then you can manually enter them into MyFitnessPal and track using the app.

I always tell my clients that you shouldn’t feel starving.

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