Glute Exercises to Power Your Couch-to-5K

Glutes for running and SO much more!

I absolutely LOVE my miniband! Not only does it help shape the booty but it’s great to activate the glute muscles to help with better posture, lifting and running!

Working the glutes will certainly compliment your running and  couch to 5k but there are so many reasons for everyone to get them strong!

Most women I meet want to work on their booty for aesthetic reasons and I love that because as well as building shape, confidence comes with this as well as lots of health benefits.

Why strong glutes are important...

We tend to sit a lot more and our glutes can go to sleep from not being used, using a band can help reactivate these muscles and start you on a journey to stronger glutes.

STRONG GLUTES will help: 

  • – keep your knees from rolling in and avoid pain and injury,
  • – you to lift and avoid putting extra strain on your lower back,
  • – you to feel confident as you see the shape change, if that’s one of your goals,
  • – improve your running and run speed!
They are vital for hip stability and help stabilise the SI Joint. Which is why if you struggled with your hips through pregnancy then you may have been advised to do some exercises that strengthen your glutes like bridge lifts. 

I love the side steps with the miniband shown above and have also filmed a miniband circuit (video below) which will be great for activating the glutes!

You can do these moves without the band and build up to using the band if you are just starting out.

Glute Miniband Circuit

What exercises are you doing to compliment your running? 

Do you need help on which core moves are great for helping you feel even stronger with running?

If you need any advice, get in touch with Manda here.

Are you suffering with Sacroiliac Pain?

Here are some other exercises that can help, check out the Full Blog Post Here on SI Joint Pain.

Train Your Multifidus

Multifidus is a deep muscle along the back of the spine. This muscle works with the deep core & pelvic floor muscles to stabilise your lower back and pelvis.

Release Your Piriformis Muscle