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Healthy Body Healthy Mind · 07. December 2018
From playing with and feeling sensory mats, baby will respond to feeling the different textures which can help develop intellectual skills and hand control. And of course they will have lots of fun! You could pop baby onto their tummy to combine it with tummy time and even add in some more textures likes scarves and towels.
Healthy Body Healthy Mind · 02. November 2018
Eating healthy doesn't have to be bland or boring! Check out these super tasty healthy breakfast recipes and download yours for free! These will leave you feeling satisfied and give you lots of energy for your busy morning.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind · 02. September 2018
Did you know it can take up to 2 years for your postnatal wounds to heal? This INCLUDES the birth canal, C-Section wounds, Pelvic Floor muscles and healing Diastasis! This is why we need to focus on healing nutrition after childbirth and it doesn't have to be difficult. By including the following into your diet and by simply eating real food you can create a healing environment on the inside so that your cells can regenerate and rebuild the damage. Scroll down to see what food you need to be...
Healthy Body Healthy Mind · 28. August 2018

Healthy Body Healthy Mind · 23. August 2018
Some daily habits and information to help you have a healthy bladder for life... Drink lots of water, at least 2 litres, more if breastfeeding and exercising. Tea and Coffee can be counted in this but go for decaff as caffeine is an irritant to the bladder! Juices also count but avoid artificial sugars. Alcohol is a bladder irritant and muscle relaxant so can make urgency and urges worse. Stop going 'just in case'. Wait until you have the full bladder feeling above the pubic hair region rather...
Healthy Body Healthy Mind · 20. August 2018
This is our favourite food prep so far! The juicy chicken thighs and crispy bacon bits make it super tasty and its so easy to make too. Download our recipe for FREE.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind · 12. August 2018
How cute is this healthy bunny pizza! This is a fantastic way to make lunch fun for your little one. Prepare all the ingredients for the pizza's and the scenery and then get the little ones involved in the making. Scroll down for the ingredients we used. Why not sneak some healthy fats into your little ones diet with this Alpro Coconut Chocolate Milk. This chocolate flavoured coconut drink is delicious and full of goodness with added Calcium, Vitamins D and B12.
Healthy Body Healthy Mind · 06. August 2018
At the weekend I did a little sugar roller-coaster experiment, we were driving and I didn't want to be stuck in traffic without treats so I got some fruit chews, smarties and fruit pastels. I very rarely snack on things like this. I knew exactly how I would feel after eating lots of processed sugar but sometimes you just fancy a bit and also I knew I wanted to talk about it soon. New mums can find themselves constantly on a sugar roller coaster. This is unsurprising with the lack of sleep, lack...

Healthy Body Healthy Mind · 30. July 2018
We include baby bonding time and baby massage in our sessions because there are so many benefits for baby and you. Create a loving bond with your baby. Grown your baby's brain with love. Relax your baby to help them eat and sleep better. Get an oxytocin boost for both of you - the feel good hormone. Increase your confidence as a parent. Meet new friends at the group.
Healthy Body Healthy Mind · 27. July 2018
A lovely review from our Nurture Fitness session.

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