Move with Mumma Classes

For Mum

Active Pregnancy

Increase your energy with some light physical activities and improve your pelvic floor strength. Our class will help improve strength and mobility ready for when your little one comes and it’s a great way to meet other mums.

For Mum and Baby

Nurture Fitness

Postnatal exercise and baby massage/sensory play in one class, perfect for mums with babies under 8 months.

  • 45-minute postnatal exercise.
  • 30-minute baby massage and fun sensory activities to bond and connect with baby.

Mumma Fitness

Postnatal exercise with baby by your side.

Mumma Fitness is a 45-minute class for mums and babies up to 24 months. 

Suitable for all fitness levels and any postnatal conditions will always be taken into consideration with options provided.

Buggy Fitness

It feels great to work out in the fresh air.

Strengthen and tone your whole body with low-impact moves like squats, lunges, modified pushups etc.

Work on your core and pelvic floor safely throughout the class for a stronger and flatter stomach.

Enjoy some social time with other mums whilst the babies are snug in their buggies.

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