Learn Stretch & Play - Cherish Fitness (6-18 months)

Our ‘Learn, Stretch & Play’ activities are designed for babies 6-18 months, we combine baby massage with baby yoga, sensory play and movement to music. 


LEARN - Music stimulates your baby’s imagination, communication, learning and memory, it also helps develop a

sense of rhythm, listening skills and allows parents and children to bond and have fun together.


STRETCH - Baby yoga is the perfect partner to baby massage. It provides a fun way for baby to stretch, move and

discover balance and co-ordination.


PLAY - Sensory Play is great fun for babies and fantastic for their development. All young children have the desire to

touch and feel objects, experiment and explore.


Do we use oils during massage in Cherish Fitness?

In our Learn, Stretch & Play section, we do not use oil for the baby massage, baby will keep clothes on and the other aspects of the class such as movement and stretching do not require oil. You will still receive a free bottle of baby massage oil and at-home baby massage guide with your block booking.


What should I bring to the class for baby?

A favourite cuddly toy or comforter for your baby. A comfortable mat, towel or blanket for baby and all the normal things you need for your baby when you go out.


What if my child wants to move around?

We don’t mind! You may find that your child wants to move around during the session or not join in with some of the activities, as long as all the children in the class are safe, we understand that some babies and toddlers often need to move. We want you to engage with your child as much as possible and enjoy the shared experience.

You can come and try our postnatal classes for FREE to make sure they are right for you! This includes Buggy Fitness and Nurture Fitness (0-6 months) or Cherish Fitness (6-18 months). Click here for more information.

Move with Mumma Weekly Schedule
Move with Mumma Weekly Schedule