Nurture Fitness (0-6 Months)

  • Strengthen your body for everyday mum life. We use weights, resistance bands and safe exercises to help your body recover the right way.
  • Work on your core and pelvic floor safely throughout the class for a stronger and flatter stomach.
  • Build your body confidence.
  • Boost your energy levels.
  • Restore your body’s normal function and make you feel great inside and out. 

The baby bonding part of the session is designed for babies 0-6 months, we go through lovely baby massage routines to help you connect, understand and communicate with your baby. For more information on Baby Massage, please click here.

When is Nurture Fitness?

Wednesdays:    1.00-2.30pm


What's included in the session?

The 90 minute sessions include: 

45 minutes Fitness for Mum. 

30 minutes Baby Massage

15 minutes Social Time.

+ Free One-One Postnatal Assessment.

+ + Free Bottle of Baby Massage Oil.

+ + + Free Baby Massage Handouts.


How soon after giving birth can I start Nurture Fitness?

For a natural birth at least 6 weeks with agreement from your GP that you are safe to exercise. For a c-section birth at least 12 weeks with agreement from your GP that you are safe to exercise. It is essential that you have had your postnatal check-up with your GP and completed our health form before attending any sessions. 


How do I book to come along?

You can claim your first session for free using the link below. After your free session you can book online from our Prices page, we have lots of options for you to choose from. 

Health Form and Class Booking

Please click the link below to complete our postnatal health form, this form must be completed before attending.


What should I wear?

Comfortable and cool layers / fitness clothing with trainers.


What do I need to bring for the baby massage part of the class?

A towel or blanket for baby to lay on, click here for full information on baby massage.

Class Location

ikon church, vanguard trading estate, britannia road, chesterfield, s40 2tz.