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The first in our new blog series 'A-Z of Health and Fitness for New Mums'. A is for Active Pregnancy! What a great way to launch our new Pregnancy Fitness sessions.
Move with Mumma Blog · 31. January 2019
So you're in a class or following a workout at home and the crunches and planks start, if you've heard these are not great for diastasis or for postnatal exercise, then you've heard right! So what can you do instead? The most important thing is pelvic floor & core activation with optimal breathing, nail this on it's own and then add it into other exercises, we'll show you how below. Before trying out the exercises please head over to our previous blog post on diastasis to get more of an...

Move with Mumma Blog · 25. January 2019
Symptoms & Causes of Sacroiliac Pain and How to Reduce your Pain.
Move with Mumma Blog · 26. December 2018
This 15-minute Postnatal Booty workout will activate, sculpt and lift your glutes. During pregnancy the glutes weaken and this can result in flatter glutes. We love building the booty back up. These exercises will help you wake up those glutes and get that shape back.

Fitness with Manda Crofts · 26. December 2018
Blast out this 15-minute Booty workout to shape those glutes and work the legs at the same time. This workout for your bottom includes activation exercises to get those glutes switched on as well as sculpting, lifting and shaping.
Move with Mumma Blog · 13. December 2018
Diastasis can sound really scary once you start looking for information and there's a bit of an obsession about the gap down the middle of the six-pack...