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Move with Mumma Blog · 20. January 2019
These oat bars are super easy to make and a great way to give your baby a nutritious snack once they are weaning. Great for at home and for taking out.
Move with Mumma Blog · 02. November 2018
Eating healthy doesn't have to be bland or boring! Check out these super tasty healthy breakfast recipes and download yours for free! These will leave you feeling satisfied and give you lots of energy for your busy morning.

Move with Mumma Blog · 06. August 2018
New mums can find themselves constantly on a sugar roller coaster. This is unsurprising with the lack of sleep, lack of energy and lack of time that comes with taking care of a new life. All your focus and time is on your little one and your own health often comes last, but please try and remember that your healthy and happy baby needs a healthy and happy mum. There are lots of foods that cause the roller coaster feeling, e.g. cereals, cakes, cookies, ice-cream and other processed snacks even...
Move with Mumma Blog · 29. June 2018
This healthy French Toast is one of our absolute favourite breakfasts! So summery and delicious.

Move with Mumma Blog · 26. June 2018
We've spent the weekend trying out some new cold food prep recipes for these hot days. This one is Cajun chicken with mixed salad, egg noodles and boiled egg is delicious with the homemade tangy Dijon dressing.
Move with Mumma Blog · 23. June 2018
Crunchy cod fillet with sweet potato chunky chips and minted peas. This is so nice as a main evening meal or weekend lunch. Simple to make and just 35 minutes cooking time in total!

Move with Mumma Blog · 21. June 2018
A super easy breakfast recipe that can even be made the night before.
Move with Mumma Blog · 13. June 2018
Crunchy and crispy mushroom dippers to dip into a sticky homemade teriyaki sauce. Lovely as a starter, side dish or weekend nibbles.