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Move with Mumma Blog · 03. April 2019
We love Sami's Vlog! It's all about Family, Fashion and Lifestyle. We are so excited to be featured in this Mother's Day Special 'Self-Care Tips'! There are some amazing tips from Sami and then at the end there's a 5-minute Move with Mumma Stretch Routine for you to follow. Take a well deserved 15-minute break to watch the video and enjoy the stretch a the end.
Move with Mumma Blog · 29. June 2018
Show your tummy some love with this simple massage for your c-section scar to help repair the tissues and also free up the area to relieve the tightening feeling when moving around. We have already had great feedback from our c-section ladies trying out this massage for themselves, it's really simple to do.

Move with Mumma Blog · 28. May 2018
How are you feeling? Take 5 minutes out to observe your breathing and clear your mind.