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Move with Mumma Blog · 03. April 2019
We love Sami's Vlog! It's all about Family, Fashion and Lifestyle. We are so excited to be featured in this Mother's Day Special 'Self-Care Tips'! There are some amazing tips from Sami and then at the end there's a 5-minute Move with Mumma Stretch Routine for you to follow. Take a well deserved 15-minute break to watch the video and enjoy the stretch a the end.
The first in our new blog series 'A-Z of Health and Fitness for New Mums'. A is for Active Pregnancy! What a great way to launch our new Pregnancy Fitness sessions.

Move with Mumma Blog · 07. December 2018
From playing with and feeling sensory mats, baby will respond to feeling the different textures which can help develop intellectual skills and hand control. And of course they will have lots of fun! You could pop baby onto their tummy to combine it with tummy time and even add in some more textures likes scarves and towels.