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Move with Mumma Blog · 02. September 2018
Did you know it can take up to 2 years for your postnatal wounds to heal? This INCLUDES the birth canal, C-Section wounds, Pelvic Floor muscles and healing Diastasis! This is why we need to focus on healing nutrition after childbirth and it doesn't have to be difficult. By including the following into your diet and by simply eating real food you can create a healing environment on the inside so that your cells can regenerate and rebuild the damage. Scroll down to see what food you need to be...
Move with Mumma Blog · 06. August 2018
New mums can find themselves constantly on a sugar roller coaster. This is unsurprising with the lack of sleep, lack of energy and lack of time that comes with taking care of a new life. All your focus and time is on your little one and your own health often comes last, but please try and remember that your healthy and happy baby needs a healthy and happy mum. There are lots of foods that cause the roller coaster feeling, e.g. cereals, cakes, cookies, ice-cream and other processed snacks even...

Move with Mumma Blog · 24. July 2018
We were the lucky winners of the new Blossom & Berry book: love letters for new mothers. The book has been created by Gayle Berry and contains wisdom and inspiration for new mothers. It's beautiful to read and we highly recommend it.
Move with Mumma Blog · 30. May 2018
What song picks you up and has you dancing around the house?