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Are you breathing properly? Sounds like a daft question but after having a baby, your system can be left not working as it should. This is why we carry out postnatal assessments when you join Move with Mumma - have a read and try it out.
Move with Mumma Blog · 31. January 2019
So you're in a class or following a workout at home and the crunches and planks start, if you've heard these are not great for diastasis or for postnatal exercise, then you've heard right! So what can you do instead? The most important thing is pelvic floor & core activation with optimal breathing, nail this on it's own and then add it into other exercises, we'll show you how below. Before trying out the exercises please head over to our previous blog post on diastasis to get more of an...

Move with Mumma Blog · 26. December 2018
This 15-minute Postnatal Booty workout will activate, sculpt and lift your glutes. During pregnancy the glutes weaken and this can result in flatter glutes. We love building the booty back up. These exercises will help you wake up those glutes and get that shape back.
Move with Mumma Blog · 13. December 2018
Diastasis can sound really scary once you start looking for information and there's a bit of an obsession about the gap down the middle of the six-pack...

Move with Mumma Blog · 02. September 2018
Did you know it can take up to 2 years for your postnatal wounds to heal? This INCLUDES the birth canal, C-Section wounds, Pelvic Floor muscles and healing Diastasis! This is why we need to focus on healing nutrition after childbirth and it doesn't have to be difficult. By including the following into your diet and by simply eating real food you can create a healing environment on the inside so that your cells can regenerate and rebuild the damage. Scroll down to see what food you need to be...
Move with Mumma Blog · 27. July 2018
A lovely review from our Nurture Fitness session.

Move with Mumma Blog · 25. July 2018
Have you seen our new Buggy Fitness sessions? Come and join us to reap the benefits from being outdoors and feel good all over.
Move with Mumma Blog · 08. July 2018
Build up your core and pelvic floor strength the right way after childbirth with these safe postnatal exercises.

Move with Mumma Blog · 07. July 2018
Pregnancy and childbirth put our bodies through a lot but we don't have to live with pelvic floor accidents. Watch our video on how to advance on from the regular Kegals (pelvic floor squeezes).