Postnatal Pain Relief and Post-Birth Care for Mum

baby girl
baby girl

So, you've just endured the marathon that is child-birth! Well done Mumma!


You're home now with your gorgeous little one and it hurts to do regular things like go for a wee or a poo and if you've had a c-section it may feel a bit scary to lift, bend and even stand.


These things have to be done but there are ways to make everything feel a little more comfortable. 


Take a look at our postnatal tips below to relieve your pain and make everything feel a little bit better...

uncomfortable gas

lady on rocking chair
Use a rocking chair to help release wind.
  • Use a rocking chair when resting to help release gas
  • Bite or chew on 2-3 Fennel Seeds* to relieve gas, bloating and cramps.
  • Drink fennel seed tea.


Fennel Tea Instructions:

Add 1/2 teaspoon of dried fennel seeds to a cup and pour hot water over it.

Make sure you do not boil the fennel seeds as this will kill most of its nutrients.

Cover and let it rest for 10 minutes (you will get a light yellow infusion).


*Fennel also increases breast milk production


If you are bruised and inflamed then urination can be really painful.


  • Fill a small squirt bottle with cooled water - take this to the toilet when you go for a wee and during urination squirt the water to the perineum area.
  • Put some chilled water into a non-latex condom to use as a cold pack for the perineum area.

bowel movements

Lady on toilet
Go for the optimum position on the toilet
  • Stay hydrated - drink lots of water to keep everything moving.
  • Drink a prune juice shot.
  • Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, salad and wholegrains. For postnatal healthy eating ideas click here.

The tips above will also help with piles.


Optimum Position for Doing your Business

Elevate your feet so that your knees are higher than your hips (use 2 toilet rolls, yoga blocks or toddler steps)

Lean forward slightly with a straight spine

Relax your stomach


DO NOT strain, push or hold your breath - instead make a "grrr" or "shhh" sound.


Check out more Good Bladder Habits for Life.

c-section scar

  • Take deep breaths to get oxygen pumping around your body and to your healing areas.
  • Hold a rolled up towel onto your tummy when you poop, cough, sneeze and go from sitting to standing.
  • Try to brace your stomach muscles and then exhale as you lift baby or go from sitting to standing up (exhale on every exertion).

If you have any concerns about your postnatal healing then please consult your GP.

When you feel ready to move a little bit more, please ensure you exercise with qualified postnatal instructors and get the OK from your GP at your postnatal check-up. Your body has been through a lot and you need to build up your fitness slowly and safely with the correct exercises. You can book a FREE postnatal session with us HERE

Mum and Baby
Mum and Baby

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