Postnatal Personal Training

This 6 week programme is the best way to regain your core and pelvic floor strength. Work out in the comfort of your own home and don't worry about childcare for baby. We bring the workout to you and provide you with healthy eating healing recipes. 


Your postnatal personal training will be tailored to you and your goals, whether they are to help diastasis, lose baby weight safely, build strength, help lower back pain, strengthen your pelvic floor or just feel fit and healthy for yourself and your baby.


Is this programme for you?

  • Have you experienced some light leaking with fast movements, jumping, running, laughing or sneezing?
  • Do you have lower back pain that you have been advised is due to a weak core?
  • Do you have a Diastasis that you want to heal?
  • Do you want a better looking belly but know you need a programme that work smarter than just doing abdominal exercises?
  • You want to learn the importance of food for fat loss and for healing your body?
  • Are you ready to commit to self-care for a healthy and happy lifestyle?

More about Manda (postnatal specialist & personal trainer).

Benefits of Postnatal Personal Training

  • Reconnect to your body and restore your core function.
  • Regain control of your pelvic floor.
  • Get personalised guidance through your recovery to ensure you do the right exercises as you progress.
  • Reduce body fat and improve muscular tone
  • Feel more confident about your body shape.
  • Learn about nutrition for healing your body.
  • Reduce your stress levels.
  • Increase your energy levels.
  • Train for everyday life using simple and effective exercises.
  • Learn the why's in a simplified way to understand your body more.
  • Train in the comfort of your own home and enjoy the ME time.

If you are interested in our postnatal personal training, please complete our health form and we will get in touch.

See our postnatal personal training prices below.

Postnatal Personal Training Prices

6 Weeks

  • Free initial meeting to discuss personal training.
  • Pre-screening & initial Postnatal Health Assessment.
  • 6 x One-one personal training sessions designed for your recovery.
  • Simple soft tissue releases and re-alignment strategies.
  • Nutritional advice and food diary analysis.
  • Healthy eating recipes.
  • Resistance band and at-home workouts.
  • Access to a private support group on Facebook.
  • Contact and support throughout.


health form

If you are interested in our postnatal personal training, please complete our health form and we will get in touch.

want to workout with other mums?

Our group sessions are fantastic for meeting other like-minded mums, check out the full class information here.