7-Minute Postnatal Upper Body Circuit

A 7-minute Postnatal Upper Body Circuit.


Please ensure you have been cleared for exercise by your GP before commencing with any fitness after having your baby. If you are new to exercise then please attend a postnatal fitness class or exercise with a postnatal trainer to ensure safe technique. You can attend a FREE Move with Mumma class by booking here.


Equipment Required:

  • A timer.
  • 2 Hex Shaped Dumbbells.
  • Resistance band.

Set the timer for 7 minutes and repeat 7 reps of each move until the timer stops.

Maintain core control throughout and include a pelvic lift or squeeze on the Seated Rows.


Diastasis Safe as long as you can keep your core switched on and held throughout moves. Always stop if you lose control of your core.

a 7 minute postnatal upper body workout.
7-Minute Postnatal Upper Body Circuit
Download a copy here!
7-minute upper body circuit.
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