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Jess & Harry Buggy Fitness
Jess & Harry at Buggy Fitness
5 Stars
5 Star Review - Move with Mumma

Jessica's Move with Mumma Review: 

Manda is absolutely fantastic at what she does! As women in general we are hard on ourselves but I was even worse after I had a baby!!! I have always been an active person even during my pregnancy, but after, I was not happy or comfortable with my body. I have been attending classes since September and I am really starting to see and feel a difference.


As well as the exercise which is the perfect amount after just having a baby the food ideas and recipes are brilliant. I have always had a sweet tooth but I am now eating a proper breakfast and not feeling the need to snack!


It’s lovely to meet other mums and babies. I think my baby loves Manda and the classes just as much as me, I feel like a different person physically and mentally and intend to carry on for as long as Manda will have us!!

Hannah & Shila in Learn, Stretch & Play
Cherish Fitness - Hannah & Shila
5 Stars
5 Star Review - Move with Mumma

Hannah's Move with Mumma Review: 

Manda is so knowledgeable and helpful I always feel like my pelvic floor is properly looked after in her classes. She creates a lovely atmosphere and completely understands when baby wants to do their own thing or even cry.


The hiit and other exercises appear gentle but I always feel like I've had a good workout, especially the day after.


Really pleased I found these classes.

Buggy Fitness Mums at the Park
Jodie and the other happy Mumma's at Buggy Fitness
5 Stars
5 Star Review - Move with Mumma

Jodie's Move with Mumma Review: 

I’ve been attending buggy fitness for 3 weeks now and I’m already addicted! Love the fresh air, the banter and the fitness and my little George loves the outdoors and his pushchair so win win we’re both catered for and happy 😊


Manda is fab and gives excellent advice on eating and exercise and really keeps you motivated during sessions. Sessions are well planned and really work your core and pelvic floor after having a baby! I try to exercise a lot outside of these sessions but I really feel it after a buggy fitness session.


The sessions work everything but don’t feel that strenuous whilst doing it! It’s easy as a new mum to get stuck in that rut of keep putting off going out that door until after the next feed, nappy change or after their nap etc so I’m the end you go nowhere...but buggy fitness gives you that somewhere to be feeling to motivate you for the rest of the day!


I always feel vitalised after a session. If like me you struggle for a sitter, this is an amazing way to get fit socialising with other mums and not needing childcare.

Kirsty & Jack Buggy Fitness
Kirsty & Jack at Buggy Fitness
5 Stars
5 Star Review - Move with Mumma

Kirsty's Move with Mumma Review: 

I’ve been attending the Move with Mumma sessions for the past 5 weeks now and can not recommended them enough.


The Nurture Fitness class was a great introduction to postnatal fitness (or fitness in general judging by how my legs felt afterwards) and Jack loved the baby massage. Now he’s older we attend the Cherish Fitness class where Manda has perfectly adapted the activities for wriggly babies to match their development stage. The classes are a perfect mix for mum and baby as we’re both tired out after a session.


We also do Buggy Fitness. Working out outside really helps improve my mood, especially after a restless night and Jack loves being in the fresh air. Manda is great at putting you at ease and there’s no being self conscious in the park.


I love how every session, indoors and outdoors, is different and it’s a brilliant way to feel like yourself again alongside baby. Manda is extremely knowledgeable in what she does and the classes are fantastic.


My pelvic floor is very thankful :)

Louise & George enjoying Baby Massage Time
Louise & George - Baby Massage Time
5 Stars
5 Star Review - Move with Mumma

Louise's Move with Mumma Review: 

Can’t recommend this class enough. It was perfect for me and my 9 week old little one. 


Manda is so nurturing and caring but also made me work! 


I learned an awful lot about the muscles (or lack of!) in my post natal body. Think I’ll feel it tomorrow! 


Can’t wait for next week now.


Thank you!

Nurture Fitness Baby Massage with Becky & George
Becky & George at Baby Massage - Nurture Fitness
5 Stars
5 Star Review - Move with Mumma

Becky's Move with Mumma Review: 

Today me and my 6 week old son attended moves with mumma class for the first time.


Amanda was so lovely and welcoming made me feel at ease straight away. It was a great class to learn baby massage techniques that will help my little boy.


The class was really relaxed and I will defiantly be going again.

Charlotte & Mia Buggy Fitness
Charlotte & Mia at Buggy Fitness
5 Stars
5 Star Review - Move with Mumma

Charlotte's Move with Mumma Review: 

I would definitely recommend Manda. We attended buggy fitness and really enjoyed it. Manda is so friendly and makes you feel at ease. She doesn’t put any pressure on you and let’s you go at your own pace. She is extremely knowledgeable of health and fitness. She gives great tips and advice on getting your body back in shape.


I will be attending buggy fitness again soon!

Libby & Maddox at Buggy Fitness
Libby & Maddox at Buggy Fitness
5 Stars
5 Star Review - Move with Mumma

Libby's Move with Mumma Review: 

I can’t recommend this class enough! Manda is amazing, she is so professional and knows her stuff, really friendly too and puts you at ease.


If you have any areas you want to work on she will help you to come up with exercises/info you can take away and do at home etc - it’s done wonders for me and getting my stomach toned again.


Nice and relaxed environment too meeting other mums and babies and getting fresh air and exercise.

Move with Mumma Taster Session
Sharlene at our Move with Mumma Taster Session
5 Stars
5 Star Review - Move with Mumma

Sharlene's Move with Mumma Review: 

Manda was so welcoming, attentive and kind during the taster session today.


Very knowledgeable about exercises and answered every question I had with understanding and experience.


Would definitely recommend any of Manda's groups she's brilliant 

5 Stars
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