Your Song

Yesterday I was listening to Radio 1 and the feature 'Your Song', every day a listener calls in tells a story and a their song is played. The lady yesterday had suffered with postnatal depression, I believe up to her baby's 1st birthday. She had great support from family and friends but really suffered with postnatal depression, one moment she spoke about was being at a funny show with brilliant friends but not being able to stop sobbing all the way through.


The doctors had advised some breathing exercises, but this lady really managed to breath and stand tall when her song came on the radio and she found herself dancing with her baby in the kitchen, pulling funny faces and just feeling happy and standing tall. The song was Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry.


Do you have a song that picks you up and makes you dance around? 


Mine is posted below, I have loved this song since I was at school! Not everyone's cup of tea i'm sure, haha.


Post in the comments and tell me yours...

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